Screendawg is the movie blog of Limerick writer Kelly O’Brien.

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts in New Media and English and is currently pursuing a Masters in Journalism at the University of Limerick. She has been writing at a professional level for the past six years.

As a first year in UL, Kelly contributed to the college newspaper, An Focal and its entertainments publication, Review Magazine. Four years later, Kelly became editor of An Focal newspaper, setting up the online news site http://www.anfocal.ie in the process. She also created ULFM, the official radio station of ULSU during her time as Vice President and Communications Officer of the Students’ Union.

At the moment, Kelly writes for Drop-d Magazine, State Magazine, The Limerick Leader Newspaper, FilmJam and The Blend.

She also runs a weekly music blog www.readbetweenthebeats.wordpress.com 

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  1. Andrew Lovgren

     /  June 13, 2012

    Winter is coming.

  2. Thanks for following Kelly – hope you enjoy the nonsense! Jim

  3. Anonymous

     /  July 1, 2012

    Hey, thanks for following my blog. How do you have time for a life with all your reviewing and blogging and writing! Anyway I am following your move review blog because it’s always good to get another point of view when deciding if to go watch a film or not.

  4. Anonymous

     /  July 1, 2012

    Ooops, above post by me…

  5. Okay, hope it worked this time. Glad I don’t look like an idiot or anything.

    • Lol, I’ve done that a few times myself! I actually must update this post, am now writing for a few more sites and have a different full time job in the University. Between the above and desperately trying to go to the gym five times a week, I have no life at all tbh! But I’m happy 🙂

  6. In my most recent (9/30) blog post, i nominate (and with questions for) you for the Liebster Award. Check it out, and congratulations Kelly.

  7. I love your blog and your writing! Looking forward to reading more.


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