Resident Evil: Retribution

The fifth, and probably not the last, Resident Evil movie has now hit cinemas nationwide. As with every instalment of the RE series, I find myself asking, ‘How on earth can they still be making these god-awful movies?’

Most films based on video games, I’m sorry to say, just aren’t very good. Much is either lost in translation, or wasn’t there to begin with. The end result is usually something that leaves nobody satisfied, be they gamers or movie buffs.

Alice (Mila Jovovich) is knocked unconscious during an Umbrella Corp onslaught. Upon waking, she finds herself in the heart of suburbia – a homely housewife taking care of her husband and young daughter. Before long, however, some trademark RE zombies appear out of nowhere to chomp on some upper middle class meat. Just as it seems as if her number is up, Alice wakes with a start in an Umbrella-designed holding chamber, semi-nude of course.

Before long, Alice manages to escape with a new leather outfit but, surprise, surprise… (more)

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  1. not a big fan of Resident Evil but like Mila 🙂


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